Our Courses
  • Acadamed can deliver accredited and internationally recognised and accepted courses.
  • Our intention is always to leave our students with knowledge and confidence to deal with any situation.
  • Our courses include but are not limited to:

Bespoke Education

We have the capability to create bespoke programmes for our clients. This can include hostile environment awareness training and chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear & explosives (CBRNE).

Tactical Medicine

Acadamed are authorised to deliver the Tactical Paramedic and Tactical Responder certifications. We already offer this to our existing defence clients and look forward to helping many others in the quest to improve survivability and reduce unnecessary deaths in hostile and tactical environments.

Academic Medicine

Acadamed have created the first MSc in Tactical Medicine and continue to help nations in which prehospital and emergency education is developing. By 2022 we hope to have produced 200 MSc graduates who have joined our programmes through partner universities.

First Aid

Our first aid courses are UK regulated, accredited and certified under our approval with Qualsafe Awards.

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